Attention All Sports Athletes, Fighters, Fitness Enthusiast and People that Want to Get Ripped! 

"Discover How 10 Minute Workouts Using This Ultimate Metabolic Exercise Is the Quickest Way For You To Build Killer Cardio, Shred Unwanted Fat and Increase Your Explosive Power Than Ever Before!"

Introducing 54 Done For You Burpee Finishers with Over 200 Burpee Variations Guaranteed To Get You Into The Best Shape Of You Life!

Dear Sports Athlete, Combat Fighter and Fitness Enthusiast,

What if I told you that you do not have to spend 30 - 60 minutes in the gym on the treadmill, stair climber or elliptical struggling to improve your cardio and burn fat?

What If I you can develop strength, explosive power and anaerobic conditioning almost immediately!

What if I told you, that you could burn just as many calories and build cardio faster using 10-minute workouts?

What if I said that you can achieve all of this by using one exercise?

Would you believe me?

Well you can achieve these amazing results and more using the most Metabolic Exercise on the Planet! 

It’s one of the most effective exercises on the planet, which is why so many professional sports teams, athletes, trainers, coaches and the military include it in their workouts to achieve high level conditioning and ripped physiques.

The exercise and workout that I am talking about are Burpee Finishers!  

Burpees are a compound exercise that works almost every muscle in your body in one short sequence of movements. 

The exercise simultaneously works the upper body, lower body and core at once. Your heart and lungs are tested to the max as well.

A set of burpees will force your body to work far above your capacity to take in, transport and utilize oxygen and, subsequently, your anaerobic conditioning will improve.

Research has shown that high intensity exercises, like burpees, can burn up to 50% more fat than many traditional training exercises and long boring cardio.

Just doing a few minutes of bodyweight Burpees will quickly convince you that  this exercise will blast your stamina and far loss through the roof.

Using Finishers at The End Of Your Workouts Will Help You Burn Fat Faster, Blast Through Plateaus and Get You Ripped!

Finishers are short metabolic workouts (HIIT) only, 3–10 minute routine at the end of each workout. They can improve muscle endurance and strength while jacking up your anaerobic metabolism, which will create the “Afterburn Effect”.

The “Afterburn Effect” jacks up the metabolism enabling you to burn calories up to 36 hours after your training session.

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that only 10 minutes of metabolic circuit like Burpee Finishers provided the same post-workout calorie burn as a 30 minute cardio workout.

The intensity of the workout, not volume, determines the true metabolic calorie burn response to a workout. In other words a short finisher, but vigorous workout is always better then nothing at all.

But Doing the Same Ole Burpee Over and Over Again Can Become Monotonous, Boring and Counter Productive, Especially When Your Body Adapts to the Exercise!

My name is Funk Roberts and I am a former professional athlete turned Certified Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Specialist, MMA Conditioning Coach, Online Fitness Trainer and was just named one of America’s Premiere Fitness Experts and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV.

For over 15 years I have helped thousands of regular men, women, sports athletes and fighters reach their goals, over and over again.  The one element that is consistent with all this success was the inclusion of burpees into their training regimen.

I used to get frustrated with including regular burpees into all the workouts, because it was just too boring and after a while, my clients and athletes just adapted and soon the exercise was not that effective.

Yes I know…you can always increase the reps or have them do burpees longer  to make it more challenging, but that’s just not fun.

So I decided to start creating different variations of burpees to put into the workouts and right away the reaction and results were incredible.

Introducing “50 Shades of Burpees” Finisher Program

This training resource has 52 earth shattering 10-minute Burpee Finisher circuits and over 200 different burpee variations guaranteed to help you build insane cardio, explosive power, muscular endurance, core and abs strength, fat loss, agility, speed, quickness and balance.

Finally, Funk Roberts has put "FUN" into burpees that will challenge you, excite you and keep you wanting more! 

It’s truly EPIC! 

The Combination of Burpees and Finishers is the Perfect Union to Increase Your Cardio and Burn Fat Fast , While Keeping your Workouts Fun and Challenging.

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So What Do You Get When You Order "50 Shades Burpees" Finishers Program

54 Burpee Finisher Workouts and over 200 burpee variations

Variety - Doing the same old burpees over and over again can get boring and soon enough burn out can occur. Most people stop a fitness program because they become BORED.  With over 200 Burpee Variations you will break up the monotony of your workouts with challenging, fun and exciting workouts that will get your results fast


Demo Videos of Each Workout

You get 54 videos that quickly demonstrate each exercise in the workouts.  You can download the demo videos to your iPods, smartphone or tablet and take them with you anywhere you go.  Take the guesswork out of how to perform each exercise to ensure your clients and athletes are training safely and effectively.

Member Protected Website with all videos and downloads

All workout videos, eBooks and information is secured on the Member-Only website.  This will ensure that only those that have purchased the program can access the information.

 “Attack of the Burpees” (VALUE $49)

Get 24 bodyweight only Tabata Burpee Workouts with 40+ new burpee variations plus demo videos of each circuit

What do you get when you combine the ultimate exercise with the most popular 4-minute workout ever? Tabata Finishers “Attack of the Burpees” program.  Use these 24 Tabata bodyweight burpee circuits with an additional 40+ new burpee variations to continue to keep things new and exciting for your clients while getting results fast!

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Why “50 Shades of Burpees” Finisher will get you results faster then ever before while taking your training to the next level .

  • Immediately start to develop strength, explosive power and anaerobic endurance. 
  • Improve your cardio and get into the best shape of your life using Burpee Finishers.
  • Increase speed, agility, quickness and balance with these bodyweight burpee variations.
  • Break through Training Plateaus adding Burpee Finishers to the end of workouts.
  • No more long sessions of traditional cardio of the machines at the gym...burn more calories adding Burpee Finishers. 
  • With over 54 “Done-For-YOU” Burpee Finisher workouts you have a FULL YEAR of new weekly Burpee Finishers, keep your workouts fresh, exciting and challenging.
  • Contains over 200 Burpee variations to help give you ideas so you create your own versions.
  • Build muscular endurance, be more explosive and become more athletic with Burpee Finishers.  
  • New Cutting Edge Workouts to add to your training toolbox. 

Get These Powerful Finisher Workouts From the Following Categories To Take 
Your Workouts to the Next Level


This is where you get started if you have not done burpees before or in a long time. These circuits are for the beginner to help perform the basic burpee variations while getting a high intensity, fat burning workout.


These are high paced metabolic circuits using bodyweight, equipment and challenging burpee variations. Perfect to use after a strength workout at the gym.


Just like the category name describes these are circuits using bodyweight only. These are perfect burpee finisher to use anywhere, anytime and if you are a bootcamp trainer, this is a the best way to end off one of your sessions (before the group stretch and cool down of course)


In this category you will find burpee finishers using a specific piece of exercise equipment. This not only adds extra resistance to each movement but it Jacks Up the intensity of the circuit. For example: You may use a kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag or even Lebert Equalizer’s for each. 


Perfect Burpee finisher to use with a sports team, MMA or Martial Arts class students. The movements and exercises are functional for the sport athlete.


These Finishers are for the true Burpeeist, elite athlete or fitness enthusiast. The variations are very advanced and challenging and also use some unconventional burpee exercises. These are fun and provide the ultimate burpee challenge

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Funk Has Helped These People Get Lean and Ripped with Burpees

I look forward to hearing about YOUR success story using "50 Shades of Burpees"

Your Friend and Coach

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